Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Steel City in Exile

Come on, tell the truth: you've missed the sports stories at good old Blue Voice.

The story linked below about the Pittsburgh Steelers is in the New York Times---a story like the ones written twenty years ago, one of them by me---talking about what its sports teams represent to an economically hard-pressed Pittsburgh with an uncertain future.

The main difference I detect is that this economic bleeding has gone on for so long, or in any event recurred, that the Pittsburgh Post Gazette regularly publishes stories and photos about Pittsburghers in exile, members of Steelers Nation. They also publish lists sports bars all other the country where Steelers fans gather. There are none closer to me than San Francisco, but there are at least four down there, including one called Pittsburgh's Pub.

I guess I'm one of those exiles. I have fond memories of the city, which was a great place to live in many ways. There aren't many cities in the U.S. that are more, well, livable (it was voted such around the time I wrote my story.)

As for the Steelers, this could really be their year. They should down the New York Jets with authority this weekend. Their likely toughest opponent would be the NE Patriots. Even though they beat them once this year, the Patriots are a tested playoff team. But you can't bet against the Steelers with any confidence this year. And they are awfully fun to watch.

We've been waiting for this year since 1980. I loved this story (although the guy who was more interested in the Steelers prospects than his diagnosis of lung cancer gave me a little pause...)

The New York Times > Sports > Pro Football > Pittsburgh: A Big Happy Company Town

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