Monday, February 09, 2009

First, before I purge my junk email file, I want to record the subject line of the latest from one of the many kind strangers in foreign countries who want to give me money: Your pleasant response is required. My pleasant response to a day of rain and a forecast for more is, hey, I really enjoyed the sunny Saturday at Trinidad--as did everyone I saw and met on the beach and on the head--but it was noticeably dry there and on the drive up, so, come on with the rain, I'm happy again.
As for the Super Bowl--here's a little key to my personality: I've actually gone back to the tape three times to watch the last 2 minutes, just to make sure that every time the Steelers still win. So now I think I'm convinced, and I will re-watch the whole game now, to further erase the anxiety trauma. This photo (of Big Ben) by the way is one of many good ones at this site. Thanks to fellow Steelers fan and Ferndale Rep impressario Ginger Gene for sending me the link.